India and Diabetes

ICMRI released its guidelines for Type-1 Diabetes in June 2022. This guidelines shared insights on India and Diabetes.

The guidelines achieve significance in wake of the recent surge and devastation caused by COVID-19 across all geographics of the world.

COVID-19 has disproportionately and adversely affected individuals suffering from diabetes leading to great illness and mortality.

Diabetes has also become the main cause of other conditions like cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, and early onset of blindness in adulthood.

India has the second-highest diabetes-affected adult population in the world. Further, there is an increase of 150 % in diabetes affected individuals in India in the last 3 decades.

Moreover, India has the highest incidence and prevalence of diabetes-1 cases in the world.

What are most recent trends in diabetes?

There are 2 most important diabetes-related trends in recent times.

  1. Decrease in the gap between urban and rural diabetes-affected populations. This not only breaks assumed myths that the rural environment prevents diabetes but also brings forward the topics like stress, changing lifestyle along with dietary habits, and its fast percolation in rural India.
  2. A most worrying trend is that type-2 diabetes is now been detected at the very early age of 25-34 age in both urban and rural India. This finding is of significant concern as the lowering of the age at which diabetes is presented has decreased rapidly in recent times.
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