Future Smartphones Cameras & Flashes  Measure Blood Oxygen Levels

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Near Future Smartphone  Measure Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels


University of Washington & University of California San Diego Researchers

Apply  for patent

Smartphone Camera Record video how much light observe by blood across 3 channels - Red, Green, Blue 

Technology accurately predict blood oxygen levels

Not a Single App On Play Store is Approved For Medical Use  OXYGEN saturation- Means  the amount of molecular oxygen bound to hemoglobin in blood stream

Oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) Between 95 to 100 % -Normal Below 95% is considered-Abnormal

Normal Oxygen Saturation by age?

RR Medical Abbreviation


RR stands for Respiratory Rate

Oxygen saturation levels (SpO2)



96% to 99%

High Altitudes & other Factors may Affect

Pulse oximeters are useful tools for checking oxygen levels in your blood, but they’re not always accurate.