What is Artificial Pancreas?

Almost 100 years after first Diabetes case was detected National Health Service, UK has invented revolutionary technology called “Hybrid closed loop technology”.

It is also called as “artificial pancreas”.

This artificial Pancreas technology uses sensors and pump to automatically adjust dosage of insulin as per requirement of Type-1 Diabetic patient on basis of continuous monitoring of Blood glucose.

Artificial Pancreas uses sensors placed under skin signal pump to adjust dosage of insulin with continuous monitoring.

Presently NHS is piloting this technology nation wise and almost 1000 individuals through 35 NHS centers across UK.

What are Benefits of Hybrid closed loop technology:

  1. Will eliminate painful Finger Pricks: Presently patients have to continuously monitor blood sugar in Type-1 Diabetes. In severe cases this monitoring goes for almost per hour or two causing numerous finger prick tests causing severe pain and further infection on continuous pricking.
  2. Prevent Hypoglycemia and rise in Hyperglycemia: Continuous monitoring and self-adjusting dosage of this technology will prevent Hypoglycemic and rise in Hyperglycemic attacks which generally result from non-compliance or uneven schedule of Insulin injection wherein manual monitoring of blood sugar is tedious job especially in nights.
  3. More worriless free time: Since the system is self-monitoring it will free patients and their parents from worries for continuous monitoring of blood sugar for every two hours and consequences of non-monitoring. This is most important in case of children and aged patients of Type-2 Diabetes where consequences can generally more severe due to unawareness among children and inability of aged patients in self-care.
  4. Prevent long term consequences: This technology will bring down non compliance of treatment further preventing long term impact like damage to their Heart, Kidneys, Eyes and Nerves.

Finally, as expected this technology will improve quality of life for patients and decrease cost of health expenses which generally result from noncompliance and neglect.

It will also have positive effect on patients improving their mental strength due to feeling of support of this technology as fear and stress of failure of self-monitoring decreases.

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