What is Fasting Plasma Sugar Test?

Fasting plasma sugar test procedure
Fasting Plasma Sugar Test

The fasting plasma sugar test is among the primary and most reliable tests for Diabetes and is widely used by physicians to determine the course of treatment.

Additionally this test is also done to confirm random blood sugar test results.

It is preferably done in the morning as it needs at least 8 hours of fasting.

Fasting involves no food intake except water for 8 hours prior to the test.

These test results are mostly used to confirm Prediabetes or Diabetes.

In most cases, this test is prescribed after your Random blood glucose test reading is on the much higher side than 200 mg/dl. This test may be repeated to confirm the results.

What are the factors affecting the results of the Fasting plasma Sugar test?

  1. Time of test.
  2. Duration since last intake of food.
  3. The sugar content of last consumed food.
  4. Daily exercise and dehydration,
  5. Other medical conditions like Kidney, Lung, and Heart disease.
  6. If the patient is on other medication
  7. Pregnancy
  8. Dawn Phenomenon
  9. Somogyi Effect.

What is the procedure for the Fasting plasma sugar test?

Individual who is undergoing this test is instructed not to take any food except water for at least 8 hours before the test.

Also due to the above reason fasting plasma glucose test is conducted in the morning so that reliable results are obtained.

The healthcare workers will draw blood from the vein of the upper arm in clean vial using a clean needle.

The blood sample collected shall be subjected to determine the blood glucose test.

What are the results of the fasting plasma glucose test?

Results vary individually and are prominently found in below given ranges.

Sr. No.DiagnosisResults (mg/dl)
1Normal99 mg/dl or Below
2Prediabetes100-125 mg/dl
3Diabetes126 and above mg/dl
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