What is normal blood sugar level in diabetes?

Diabetes is generally diagnosed by physicians on basis of symptoms of Diabetes and test results parameters in comparison to normal blood sugar level.

The presence of symptoms does not mean that the individual is suffering from diabetes.

The severity of symptoms along with test results decides the presence of diabetes and stage of diabetes.

Generally, common blood glucose tests are prescribed to study symptoms and on basis of their results, further tests and treatment is planned.

The normal blood sugar level is affected by the below-enlisted factors. Some of the below factors are parameters for the tests prescribed.

  • Time and type of test,
  • Duration since the last intake of food.
  • The sugar content of the last consumed food.
  • Daily exercise and dehydration,
  • Other medical conditions like Kidney, Lung, and Heart disease.
  • If the patient is on other medication
  • Pregnancy

What are the types of Blood Sugar Tests?

The following are common tests conducted for the diagnosis of diabetes.

  1. A random blood glucose test is also called a Random plasma glucose test or Random blood sugar test.
  2. Fasting plasma glucose test or Fasting plasma sugar test
  3. Oral glucose tolerance test or Oral sugar tolerance test.
  4. HbA1c blood test.

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