What is Prediabetes?

You must have been warned by your parents to exercise more, eat less sweets, reduce weight, etc. to prevent from getting “DIABETES”.

So, what is Diabetes?

What causes Diabetes? What is High Blood Sugar?  How does blood sugar increase? Is it sudden or over a period of time? What is prediabetes? Does Prediabetes lead to diabetes?

Well, let’s go through below case study.

Anil working in an IT Company visits Lifohealth.com Clinic for his mandatory annual body check-up and submits his blood samples.

The next day during a consultation with the doctor he is informed that his Hba1c Test indicates that he has “PREDIABETES”.

He is Worried and starts to enquire about What is Prediabetes? What led him to have Prediabetes? Should he be worried?

Prediabetes is higher blood sugar than usually found in blood but not above normal level to be classified as suffering from Diabetes i.e Type-1 Diabetes or Type-2 Diabetes.

Since Prediabetics are on the Border of normal range of blood sugar it is also called “Borderline Diabetes”.

What is Prediabetes Symptoms?

There are no clearly visible distinguishable symptoms in Prediabetes Since the blood sugar has not crossed the upper limit of Normal Blood sugar level.

In the above case Anil cannot be classified as suffering from diabetes and neither he is having any symptoms but he is at higher risk of developing diabetes if corrective measures are not taken.

What are the Causes of Prediabetes?

During Consultation with Doctor following history and Risk Factors about Anil were noted by Doctor.

  1. Age: Anil is 35 Years Old
  2. Overweight: Anils was 95 kg and height of 5’7”.
  3. Diet: Anil Consumes High Sugar/Carbohydrate Content Diet.
  4. Diet Schedule: Anil has no proper schedule and eats as per convenience.
  5. Exercise: Anil hardly exercises.
  6. Work: Anil does desk job and mostly seats on chair whole day while working.
  7. Genetics: Anils Grandfather had Type-2 Diabetes.
  8. Sleep: Anil has no specific time when he sleeps and is mostly involved in watching late night movies and eating snacks while watching same.
  9. Smoking: Anil has smoking habit.
  10. High Blood Pressure: Anils Blood Pressure is 140/90.

A probable solution to control Prediabetes in the above case:

  1. Age: Over the period of time as age progresses and all other habits are not controlled Anil getting Type-2 Diabetes is high.
  2. Overweight: Anil needs to reduce calorie intake and burn more calories by doing exercise so as to stop the progress of Prediabetes.
  3. Diet: Anil needs to avoid High Sugar food drinks like Tea, all kinds of cakes and Ice creams, street food like Indian samosa and Vadapav, snacks especially anything which is high in salt and sugar content along with reduced visits to restaurants. He needs to focus on green vegetables.
  4. Diet Schedule: Needs to complete night meal before 8 Pm and should stop late-night food consumption.
  5. Exercise: This is the most important activity for Anil if he wants to reverse Prediabetes. He needs to exercise at least for 30 minutes 5-6 times per week.
  6. Work: Since Anil’s job is sedentary he needs to ensure he makes at least light walks after lunch.
  7. Genetics: Since Anil has a family history of Type-2 Diabetes he is probably prone to Diabetes so needs to take more care and control other Risk Factors
  8. Sleep: Anil needs to schedule his sleeping time and avoid late-night food consumption at all costs. This not only leads to extra calories in the body before resting but may also lead to other symptoms like stomach bloating and Acidity.
  9. Smoking: Smoking dehydrates Anil further exacerbating already existing problems.
  10. Blood Pressure: Anil’s Blood Pressure is almost on the boundary line of Diabetes and any further rise may play important role in developing Diabetes.

Who are Prone to Prediabetes?

Keeping in view of the above case study it can be understood that all the above habits and risk Factors if left uncontrolled over a longer period of time may lead to the slow unnoticeable onset of Prediabetes which may progress to Type 2 Diabetes without preventive measures.

Overweight people with high Blood Pressure not involved in any kind of physical exercise are more prone to Type-2 Diabetes.

What is Prediabetes Diagnosis?

As stated above Prediabetes has no clearly visible and noticeable symptoms.

Further almost all of its symptoms if any are of low intensity and are looked over as they seem part of daily life.

But Your General Practitioner based on your Risk Factors and below listed test results may diagnose you with Prediabetes.

What is Prediabetes Treatment?

In above case Anil probably should consult and conduct an HbA1C test along with Fasting Blood Sugar Test and Random blood sugar tests in 3-4 Months while controlling above risk factors.

Best possible solution to prevent Diabetes for Anil is to control above Risk Factors.

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